Create A Blog

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Read the lessons in this order picking and choosing the ones that are relevant for you. (WordPress lessons are not useful for people who are blogging on Blogger, for instance!)

Week One:
Why are you blogging?
Why blog? worksheet
Finding your blog niche
Optional Assignment: Make a mini podcast
Blog to book insights: everything’s shifted
Identify your blog crushes
Blog crushes worksheet

Tehnical Stuff
AND head here if you are launching into setting up a BRAND NEW BLOG!
Simplified: Your own .com blog on

For all kinds of technical how-tos relating to Blogger or WordPress check in on the UNDER THE HOOD section.


Week Two:
Assignment: Make A Mini Podcast
A bit about WordPress plugins
Planning your editorial strategy + setting up an editorial calendar
Your printable editorial calendar
Ace ways to use links!
Create an image using PhotoBucket (perfect for blog buttons)
Make a blog button, CSS & HTML
Blog stats, blog schmats & Google Analytics
Assignment: Take Stock

Week Three:
Social Media Platforms 101
Social Media: Yes? No?

Growing Your Readership, SEO and Media Mentions
Blog To Book Part 2: How To Start Writing Your Book Today
Why You Should Write To Just One Person
Better Blog Images In A Nutshell
Great Blogging Tools You Might Like To Use
How To Write A Great List Post
How To Write A Great Blog Post
Assignment: Take 5 Photo Safari

Week Four:
Working With Brands: Printable And A Tiny Bit Of Advice
Assignment: Do A Blog Post Brainstorm
Printable: Social Media Tally Sheet
What The Heck Is RSS?
Emailing Your Blog Out Via Mailchimp
Copyright Issues For Bloggers
Disclosure And Transparency
How To Blog Consistently
How To Be More Creative